WorkSafe Skills
Most work safety processes can be reduced to the logic of - 'identify hazards, assess risks, and control risks' accompanied by information sharing and consultation. People need the skills to apply this process to diverse work environments. WorkSafe International offers the cost effectiveness of training delivered via the Internet to develop these 'worksafe skills' amongst employees, managers and safety advisors. WorkSafe International recommends for delivery of online training, assessment and certification.
WorkSafe Skills courses online now for Free Trial enables employers, training providers and product suppliers to provide cost-effective training and assessment online, in a secure environment. Free Trial: Please contact WorkSafe International for a no obligation 30 day Free Trial of the Office WorkStation course at as an example of potential.
Office Workstation Skills

Review Questions provide an interactive experience essential to efficient learning.

On completion of interactive 'lecture' in course, the trainee has the opportunity for Final Assessment and certificate.

WorkSafe Skills
Training for work safety Skills without Assessment is inefficient and potentially dangerous!