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Project: Warehousing WorkSafe Check (see menus)

Developed by: WorkSafe International

Description: Warehouse operations involve receiving bulk goods from suppliers, storing and selecting goods within the warehouse and transport and distribution to customers. This program presents a comprehensive Warehousing WorkSafe Check, with an emphasis on storage and selection of goods as these activities are frequently responsible for causing musculoskeletal injuries and lost-time from work.

Results are exported to Excel and HTML in seconds for viewing and printing. Results can also be exported to database servers (eg SQL Server, Oracle and Access).

Guidance notes: Provided. Each check point has it's guidance support, just a tap away, an example is shown for 'Storage in Low Racks/Shelves' check point.

Copyright: WorkSafe International Pty Ltd. Users/purchasers may copy the project and modify the application to their specific warehouse requirements; which is a major strength of the Mobile Data Studio system.

Cost: Free for Mobile Data Studio software licence holders. Two projects per licence holder. Contact WorkSafe International

Warehousing Safety

Guidance shown by tap to point caption

Warehousing Safety
Warehousing Safety