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Project: Office Workstation Safety 

Developed by: WorkSafe International

Description: Office Workstation 'WorkSafe Check' with a practical Safe, Unsafe, Not Applicable recording system, supported by guidance notes. Results are exported to Excel and HTML in seconds for viewing and printing. Results can also be exported to database servers (eg SQL Server and Access).

Guidance notes:  Provided, the guidance notes for an example menu page are shown below, each check point has it's guidance support, just one tap away.

Copyright:  WorkSafe International Pty Ltd. Users/purchasers may copy the project and modify the application to their specific office workstation requirements; which is a major strength of the Mobile Data Studio system.

Cost:  Free, included in the Examples folder of Mobile Data Studio software. Download Office Workstation now.

See Office Workstation Skills course.

Office Workstation

Guidance shown by tap to point caption

Office Workstation

Office Workstation