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Project: Metal Fabrication Safety (menus opposite and below)

Developed by: WorkSafe International

Description: Practical Metal Fabrication 'WorkSafe Check' to be conducted by managers on a regular basis (weekly), with results conveniently stored in Excel or HTML, or in databases such as Access, SQL and Oracle. The menu has a practical Safe, Unsafe, Not Applicable recording system, and selection points allow multiple choices for  Controls.

Guidance notes:  Provided. Each check point has it's guidance support, the support for the assessment of Electricity hazard Cords, Leads and Plugs is shown. 

Copyright:  WorkSafe International Pty Ltd. Users/purchasers may copy the project and modify the application to their specific metal fabrication requirements; which is a major strength of the Mobile Data Studio system.

Cost:  Free for Mobile Data Studio software licence holders. Two projects per licence holder. Contact WorkSafe International

Metal Fabrication Safety  Metal Fabrication

Guidance shown by tap to point caption

Metal Fabrication