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Project: Driving Screen (menus opposite and below)

Developed by: Occupational Therapy expert at WorkSafe International Pty Ltd

Description: The pre-driving screen assists the Occupational Therapist develop a profile on the client's potential to drive. It is based on a task analysis of driving and can be used in conjunction with specialist driving assessment for a wide range of disabilities. The screen does not replace on-road assessment or the driving licence test, nor does it have legal standing.

Guidance notes:  Provided, assessment points have guidance support. The guidance notes for the Visual Acuity assessment point are shown below. 

Copyright:  WorkSafe International Pty Ltd. Users/purchasers may copy the project and modify the application to their specific Driving Screen requirements; which is a major strength of the Mobile Data Studio system.

Cost:  Free for Mobile Data Studio software licence holders. Two projects per licence holder. Contact WorkSafe International

Driving Screen  Driving Screen Vision

Guidance shown by tap to point caption

Driving Screen Guidance